Hi Jon,

I just wanted to say thank you again.  The flute is beautiful, the sound is phenomenal.  Each note was clear and crisp.  It took very little breath to play and the sound of the fundamental note was so amazing I tried to keep coming back to it as I improvised.  I had my windows open, and when I looked out, several of my neighbors were just standing there and listening and began to clap!  One woman, going through a divorce told me that I brought joy to her that she hadn't felt in a long time.  I smiled and cried and went to hug her.  Someone else asked me where the beautiful music came from and I answered "straight from my heart." All I can do is say thank you for creating such an amazing and beautiful  instrument.  It was clearly made with love and now will be played with love.

Safe journeys,
Ronn T.

Dear Jon

The Torrey Pine has arrived safe and in its entire beauty. What a marvelous piece of craftsmanship that is! 
Such a beautifully treated branch of the Torrey Pine.
The level of handicraft is so high that it is even difficult to imagine how you did and do that.

For example the inlays of the abalone shell. They seem to be naturally intergrown into the wood.
Or the transitions from the parts without bark into the ones with bark. Really incredible.
Your packaging is very professional and loving at the same time. You don't leave any space for mishaps and you take care for everything.
The card from you and Sabine and the small bag with sage made an event of the unpacking even more as it anyway was!
After a day of rest I played it for a short period and I was completely taken aback. What an amazing flute you gave me!  
It's almost impossible to not play it, hold it, look at it or think of it.  I think I'm addicted.  
I'm very lucky to be now responsible for this dream flute and am looking forward to taking care of it.
What a grace and honor to know you and to play a flute from you. Life is an incredible miracle.
Full of GRATITUDE I wish you and Sabine a rich, exciting and healthy new year!
Blessings and regards
Robert Mrsic

Dear Jon,

I just unpacked the Tobacco Prayer Flute in G# and I was blown away by the sheer beauty of it.
From an aesthetics point of view, it could not be prettier. The feel, weight and balance of the flute is superb.
This is my second  branch flute and to say I am pleased is an understatement. The tuning is concert quality and the sound is exquisite.
You can tell immediately that it was made with love and care. The little details, the rubbed in red jasper, the crushed serpentine,
the deer lacing and beads all take time to put together with love and respect. It is surely the Rolls Royce of branch flutes! 

~ Mark Palmer
Nassau, Bahamas


Hi Jon,

I just wanted to say a BIG thank you for your beautiful music and poetry - the CD is wonderful, full of love and  wisdom...what a gift. The Butterfly Blue track takes me to my dream world where everything is pure and beautiful living in harmony...I can visualize the children dancing with silk butterfly wings and younger children waving their little blue butterfly  puppets. I will share this inspiring piece of music with a friend who teaches children yoga so we can incorporate some yoga and dance moves to the music too. What's so beautiful about this little nature art project is that children get to express themselves creatively in so many levels, be physically active, be spiritually touched and also learn how to love and respect their environment.... just beautiful! This will make a great spring activity.
Thank you for creating this wonderful music and sharing it with us all. Life is full of magic and wonder...blessed to have connected with you Jon.
Wishing you a most magical and enchanting week in nature.
Love and peace,
Marghanita Hughes



The flute arrived yesterday.  She is a real beauty and has a wonderful voice. 
I feel something special just holding her.  Like being in the forest on
a warm spring day.  
I try to add one flute per year to my collection.  Please keep me in mind if you have one available next year.  
Thank you for sharing your work.  Your flutes are among my favorite possessions.

Good health and best wishes to you and Lindy.

Bob Barks

Hi Jon,
I have received my cottonwood flute, safe and sound.  It plays absolutely beautifully and I'm very happy with it.  It's very crisp and clear, and it's nice that those two high notes play well too as a lot of the music I play incorporates those two notes as well.  I've got a lot of flutes and certainly not all of them play those higher notes ... it's one of the features I seek in a flute when I have a chance to test them out before purchase.  When I buy through ordering by phone or internet I always "cross my fingers" that my flute will possess the qualities I seek, including playing those notes. 

Many thanks for a beautiful flute.  It's nice to see the care taken in it's creation ... the bore feels nice and smooth on the inside and the finger holes have just the right amount of depression carved to comfortably rest my fingers.  The crushed turquoise in the stars is inlaid very nicely.  
The flute, she sings beautifully too of course.

Thanks again very much Jon,
Lesslee Tassie

Olive Branch Flute in F# from Dryad Flutes


I LOVE THIS FLUTE!! Yes the F# has arrived and exceeded all my hopes and expectationsRed heart

I am positively blown away by your craft~man~ship... it is such a stunning flute and I am mesmerised by it's voice!! It's amazing that it can help even a novice flute player's ditties sound reasonableWinking smileThumbs up. I was and continue to be very touched by the love you have put into this creation!! Also touched by the love you have put into the packaging and all the extra touches. I will definitely be recommending you and your work to anyone who expresses interest in N.A Style flute.

Since receiving your beautiful creation, I have decided to gift my first ever flute (a small NZ made flute) to a friend needing a pick me up in South Africa. I am so looking forward to doing that... she has been wanting to dabble for sometime, soon she can Smile. I can reuse your packaging... so it's all been made easy to share the joy on, of Native American Style Flutes.

Your flute was definitely WORTH THE WAIT!! I knew it would be! I'm so very wrapped Jon!!

Sending you my up most gratitude for the love, energy and work you have put into this new flute!! 

I will message you again when the next flute arrives.

Wishing you and Lindy all the very best,

Aroha Nui


August 25. 2011

Hi Jon,

I bought this Elderberry F beauty 3 years ago at the Zion Flute Festival and have been amazed at the evolving relationship we have enjoyed ever since!  It has been a part of many magical (and I do mean magical!) experiences in nature (including playing to Mt. Shasta - below).  I also play it regularly for dying patients in hospice.  I cherish the gentle softness of it's voice and it's ability to take me out of my head and into that otherworldly space of no time/no expectations - just the song of the flute, merging with my fingers and breath for the specific intention of the moment.  LOVE IT!
I play a lot of really nice flutes, but yours has captured my heart and my love like no other.  If I only take one flute, this is the one!
Thank you, thank you, thank you!
Gahana Bonnington
Austin Texas

Dear Jon,
I just want to take a moment to say how I have enjoyed the journey I am having with Tamlyn.  I have played her at some beautiful spots along my travels this summer.  I have spent a good deal with her near the ocean.  She is very partial to water energy.  At high tide at Cape Elizabeth, Maine, you could hear her sing across the "beginning" rocks and boulders that birthed the Appalatian Mts.  It was magical.
I climbed to the top of Cadillac Mt. in Acadia National Park and the wind was strong enough to play my flute for me... I knew this flute was going to be special when I saw her come out of the bag.  I couldn't be more pleased and know I will have many more adventures with Tamlyn. 
Thank you for your talent and special relationship you have with the trees and the beauty they hold.  Namaste , and happy journeys.......!
Carmen* (MaccaChaska) Gonzalez
Atlanta, Ga.

I'm home and she is beautiful!!!  I don't know if all of your flutes come out this nicely
Jon and Lindy but mine is a gift from above. Miigwech a thousand times over. You have
a fan and friend in me.

David Bouchard

Best selling Métis author, educator, presenter and flute player, David Bouchard,
plays his Dryad Flute at the Turtle Island Gallery

Hello Jon,

I received the flute, and I must say it is
an amazing instrument.  From the inlay to the
polished wood to the softness of its texture.
I can only give thanks and appreciation for
creating such a beauty to behold and play.
Her voice sings with a clean, yet soothing sound
that has amazed everyone that has been able to
hear me play.  (My skills are quite sub par at this time,
but a quality instrument can always help) Now I must be
ever diligent to learn to coax her voice into song and
share the music with those dear to me.

Thank you again Jon!!!

Diamond Willow Branch Flute from Dryad Flutes

Incense Cedar Branch Flute in G

What do I think about the "Golden Spiral" Branch Flute?

TUNING:  Outstanding - As always. 

SOUND:  Outstanding - Balanced; Very expressive; Excellent volume; Unique soft, soulful cedar sound indicative of the Gm key.  One of the things that I like about your branch flutes is that they all have a very expressive tone with their own uniqueness.

CRAFTSMANSHIP: Outstanding - Everything is sized and spaced appropriately; I applaud you for not splitting and unnecessarily marring your Branch Flutes.

APPEARANCE: Outstanding - A very distinctive branch flute with its own meaningful individualism.  I completely agree with your decision to follow the "spiral" of this flute.  I also like the wider "elastic" leather straps that you use on your branch flutes.  It absorbs more moisture on the drain hole and resists loosening of the block.

WETTING-OUT:  Outstanding - Very minimal; I can play this Branch Flute for a long time with normal "shake-outs".

UPPER-OCTAVES: Outstanding - Easily reached with no annoying squeaks!

What prompted me to adopt this certain branch flute?  When I first saw it on your website, even though I have never touched it, I just felt an immediate attraction towards it initially due to its meaningful "spiral" and coloration.  After receiving it and getting briefly acquainted with the "Golden Spiral" Branch Flute, I came to really appreciate it.  I can confidently say that of all my Gm flutes, this branch flute is certainly my favorite flute.  There is something about this branch flute that is just very different from the other Gm flutes.

Thank you so much, Jon, for making these wonderful branch flutes available to other flute players!  Your courteous, outstanding character and exemplary customer service has certainly won a loyal customer in me… 

Warmest Wishes,
Mike Adams

  Ash Branch Flute

"I am loving her more with each breath of life we share
together.  This is the first flute which I can truly feel the vibration of each tone.  I am in my office at the Ojai Foundation today and before I started the day I went up to the power point, turned to the four directions as I let my heart sing through the voice of the flute. Thank you for the work you put into creating such a wonderful piece."
~ Patrick Talbot,
Ojai Foundation

California Sycamore Branch flute

"It is a perfectly lovely little G# flute as I suspected that it would be from the photo and sound clip on your web site.   It has a fantastic voice - real "sweet" and "pure".  And I very much appreciate the workmanship that you put into it - very organic, and true to the original limb shape and character.  The finish is great, and I appreciate the filled insect holes, including the ones on the bottom of the block!  It is a great flute, and I thank you for trusting me with it!"

~ Kent Bush,
Sundog Flutes

The Willow G flute arrived today and its even more wonderful than I could have imagined. Words cannot express the connection I feel with this flute. Thank you sooooooo much! It is indeed a very special flute that will be treasured for years to come... I am so thrilled  - it plays effortlessly and beautifully and is beautiful to look at too...

This Willow flute is my first branch flute.  It has so much personality and character and Spirit...and seems to be happy here! - Thank you so much again for the beautiful flute and for all your kindness - it has been a pleasure meeting and connecting with you.

~ Sarah Gallant

Willow Branch Flute in G with Turquoise Inlay

"The Coast Redwood Flute in D minor, besides being a nice piece of work, has a nice and deep sound, totally what a wind player looks into on  a flute like this. I'm so glad I ran into you and purchased this flute,  especially that you put a lot of positive energy in working on it.Thanks again Jon, keep up the great work."
~ Juan Cayrampoma, musician with RAYMI

Coast Redwood single piece branch flute

Although your website photos were really clear and detailed (which I really love), the flute is so much more beautiful in person!  I’m very pleased with my choice !!!   This flute will fit in well with my flute journey I’ve been on and I can’t wait to see what it has to teach me!  Because of its one piece design and having the bark still on it, I feel even closer to the tree from which it grew.  It almost looks like it grew as a flute and just fell from the tree into your handsAsh Branch Flute (I know it wasn’t that easy)!!  The size is perfect for travel and the ash is both beautiful and durable so I can see this little guy going many places with me, especially to my flute demonstrations and campfire programs at my local park.  Also, I love the booklet you have provided with the flute and I really understand your drive and passion for making flutes the way you do.  As with all of my flutes, they are both unique and well cared for so you need not worry about this guy having a wonderful new home with plenty of play time.  Thanks for expressing your God gifted talent and thanks for becoming a part of my flute journey.  I will recommend your work to others and I’m sure our paths will cross again.

Thanks and God Bless,

David M. Dzikowski

 First, I was so taken with your poem, December Flute, that I read it to my Healing Words class this morning.  I always put a "living metaphor" in the center of the table and today your flutes were that.  I explained about them, and, when I was showing them the camphor branch flute, I talked about how the flutemaker had filled the cracks with turquoise.  Then I began to talk about how we all have cracks, that we have all been broken, and many of our cracks are filled with wonderful treasures too.

~ Annie Mathias  

December Flute

My flute talks to me
as a tree talks to the earth,
a swaying gesture of bare branch
conducting songs
of fallen December leaves.

My flute sings to me
as a canyon wren's cascading call
on a bright December day
that breaks the heart of rock
and makes a river weep.

My flute weeps to me
as a hungry, homeless night
from a cold December street
through the cardboard walls
of forgotten prayers.

And as a distant desert
desecrated by war, my flute
prays to Creator on this long
December night, Lord make me
an instrument of your peace.

by Jon Sherman

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