Playing a branch flute can help re-awaken our felt oneness with natural, inspiring us to share our song with the world.  Remembering that all life is interwoven and interdependent, our environmental consciousness grows in understanding and compassion, motivating the choice to live and work in greater balance with natural community and the bioregion of which we are part.  Here are a few ways we have found at Dryad Flutes to conduct our business so that it treads as lightly as possible on this beautiful Earth. 

Jon Sherman's CDs are packaged using RePlay Eco Friendly Cases  with 100% Post Consumer Waste recycled labels and  Biodegradable Clear Bags, free from the toxic PVC of standard CD jewel cases and shrink wrap.  We use high quality, reliable, Taiyo Yuden Inkjet Printable Water Shield CD-R media, allowing full color graphics to be printed directly on the disk face, without an attached label, making it CD player safe. For our shipping needs, when we send out a purchased flute, we use Bio-Bubble, a 100% biodegradable bubble wrap and/or a 100% biodegradable loose fill packaging material from Milex inside of USPS Cradle to Cradle Certified cardboard triangle tubes.  Even the hosting of this website uses the clean, renewable energy of wind power:

Performing through a solar powered sound system since 1989, Jon was interviewed by Toni Guinyard in this July, 2003 segment of KCET's "Life & Times".  Note: the solar generator demonstrated in this video was built for concert size, staged events, to power more than a single, busking musician, much more power than needed for simply playing at a farmers market.  But Jon brought it out for several weeks onto the streets of Glendale, CA to help raise environmental awareness, to protest the Gulf War (fought for the control of oil) and to be an advocate of "Energy Independence" .  

The solar generator shown in the Life and Times segment above has been decomissioned for a scaled down verrsion that Jon has built for use in his Dryad Flutes booth (shown to the right) and for his live, outdoor performances as well as continuing to use it for solar powered events. (see below)

Solar Powered Flute Circle
Jon's solar powered sound system at the San Diego County Flute Circle at Mission Trails Regional Park, May 2010.

More on solar powered flute circles and gatherings around southern California since 1993.

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