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adopting a dryad flute

The art of branch flute making encourages respect and consideration for the trees first.  For the Earth first.  When out gathering a branch for a flute, I'll open my heart to the spirit of the tree and her natural community, expressing gratitude and appreciation for their existence, balance and beauty.  Only then will I ask if there's a branch that might want to sing.  If there is, I'll offer another prayer of gratitude, before gathering the branch.  If no branch is available or willing, I will enjoy the greater blessing of simple communion with the web of life.
This connection and relationship with the spirit of the tree continues through the flute making process, asking the tree how she might make the flute, given my hands, ears and eyes to work with.  And if creation grants that our collaboration finds a spirit-filled, high quality voice in the branch, wonderful!  I'll then take detailed photos and record a video sound sample to offer up on a web page ~ similar to how many artists hang their paintings on the walls of galleries.  If someone is enchanted enough by this one-of-a-kind branch flute and wants to adopt her, the flute has found a home.  Since I cannot accept special orders, this is the most balanced and sustainable way that I've currently found to offer my flutes out to the world. 

Dryad Flutes may seem at the higher end of the pricing scale. This is due to the difficulty of the solid bore design I use and the time, care and attention required in making concert/recording quality flutes from one-of-a-kind tree branches ~ one at a time.  I simply cannot mass produce/market these flutes.  They are intended as individual works of healing art, made sustainably and in good relationship with this one, beautiful, living planet we all share.  
If this way of working and trading is acceptable to you, your interest in Dryad Flutes is greatly appreciated and I'll be happy to include you in email notices when completed flutes are available for adoption.  These will be offered directly from this website through PayPal purchasing, first come first served.  
Please send me an email if you'd like to be notified.

Wishing you love and peace and many natural blessings,

Jon Sherman


     Available Flutes
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Tobacco Prayer Flute in F#

Magic Flute in Bass Cm
~ Magic Flute in Bass Cm ~

Tobacco Prayer Flute in Fm

Magnolia Branch Flute

Magic Flute in Bass Bm

Red Ironbark Eucalyptus in Am

Torrey Pine Branch Flute in Gm

Lemon Eucalyptus Branch Flute in G#m
Lemon Eucalyptus in G#m
Torrey Pine Branch Flute

Coast Redwood in G#m
Coast Redwood in G#m
Lemon Eucalyptus Branch Flute in Bm

Lemon Eucalyptus in Bm  

Torrey Pine Branch Flute in Am


Red Ironbark Eucalyptus om High Dm

Torrey Pine Flute
Torrey Pine Branch Flute in Fm

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