With their self-made branch flutes and original eco-folk songs, Jon and Sabine Sherman
weave an enchanting story about a dryad ~ the spirit of an oak tree ~
awakening a man,
through music and the magic of nature, to a deeper relationship with the web of life.

With its cultural and ecological insights, this family friendly act offers inspiration
and hope to all who love and care about our natural world!

              Jon Sherman

Jon's love for music and nature was nurtured from an early age.  
While his dad introduced him to the 
rivers and mountains of Idaho, his mom encouraged his creative and musical side.  Moving to Southern California in the late 60's, Jon continued his journey of integration, blending his talents in the performing arts with the inspiration he finds in staying connected and in good relationship with the natural community here.  As an eco-musician Jon has been using a solar powered sound system since 1989, participating in many local environmentally conscious events and completing 3 CDs of original, bioregionally focused music and poetry.  Having played wooden recorders, professionally, since 1974 and the Native American flute since 1993, Jon started hand-crafting branch flutes 12 years ago ~ his Dryad Flutes highly sought after now for their quality of craftsmanhip, unique natural beauty and ecological integrity.

            Dr. Sabine Kurz-ShermanSabine
Sabine has had a love for music and nature since studying classical piano
as a young girl growing up under the green forests of Germany.  After earning her PhD in biology, her career as a scientist brought Dr. Kurz to the United States, where her heart opened to the beautiful yet increasingly endangered ecoregions of North America.  She now teaches college level biology in the San Diego area and is a certified yoga instructor, helping to open the minds and hearts of her students to environmental awareness.  Expressing herself musically, Sabine performed with the Latin Jazz band
Cadencia on keyboards, percussion and lead vocals, recording three CDs with that group.  A deeply spiritual experience in an old growth forest inspired a quest to find a flute that could better express the deeper realization of Life that had opened up to her.  Having learned about the branch flutes Jon Sherman was making,
a very special relationship was born.

Dryad     Dryad
Dryad Dryad


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