Tree Tobacco Prayer Flutes

Tobacco is recognized by many traditional native cultures of the Americas as a sacred plant whose medicine acts as carrier of prayer.
And one of the most beautiful ways to play a branch flute is with prayerful intention.  Although any musical instrument can be played in this sacred way,
Tree Tobacco Prayer Flutes are created especially for this intent.  Tree Tobacco ( Nicotiana glauca ) is a species of wild tobacco native to South America
that can grow to the size of a small tree.  It has naturalized to other parts of the world, including here in Southern California where the Cahuilla Indians used its leaves
"interchangeably with other tobacco species in hunting rituals and as a poultice to treat swellings, bruises, cuts, wounds, boils, sores, inflamed throat, and swollen glands." (source
Various types of tobacco have been used traditionally in native cultures throughout the Americas as offerings to the spirits,
for planting, for gathering food, for healings and for the Native American Pipe Ceremony. (source)

Gallery of Adopted Prayer Flutes
(click each image for more photos and sound samples)

Tobacco Prayer Flute F#

Tobacco Prayer Flute Am
Tobacco Prayer Flute in Bm

Tobacco Prayer Flute Am

Tobacco Prayer Flute G#m

Tobacco Prayer Flute Am

Tobacco Prayer Flute Am

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