Dryad to Perform at
Crescent Farm Grand Opening
April 16, 2017
at the LA County Arboretum
Free with regular admission!

    Crescent Farm           

Please join Dryad as we play our branch flutes and sing our Earth-friendly songs at this very worthwhile event! 

Crescent Farm is a new installation that promotes water conservation and sustainable food production in home and community landscapes at a time of increasing environmental challenge.  Occupying 32,000 square feet of land at the very center of the LA County Arboretum, Crescent Farm demonstrates sustainable landscape practices.  Through hands-on activities focused on simple doable conservation strategies, a diverse and broad public will be involved in the testing of new ideas, methods and designs.  Measurements of water use and savings, identifying soils and insects associated with healthy garden ecosystems, observations of ground water recharge, and planting and harvesting are among the many engaging investigative experiences visitors and students will encounter. 

Crescent Farm Grand Opening
April 16, 2016

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