Cottonwood Forked Branch Harmony Drone in high c#

  sound sample of the this flute:

Cottonwood Forked Branch Flute Harmony Drone in high c#

Cottonwood Forked Branch Flute Harmony Drone in high c#

Cottonwood Forked Branch Flute Harmony Drone in high c#

The photo above shows how to play this flute cross handed.  Notice that the left hand has been slipped through
the loop at the foot end of the left, drone side, allowing the flute to be supported easily for cross handed playing.

The bark has been left on this unsplit Cottonwood forked branch harmony flute except at the mouth and foot ends, both sides tuned to a high c# minor fundamental.  The left side has been tuned with the three lower tone holes of the c# minor pentatonic scale, each hole having it's own cork, allowing any of the tones to become the fundamental or allowing harmony playing, both sides at once.  The right side is tuned as a full 6 holed 1 & 4 mode minor pentatonic scale. Turquoise beads serve as the caps for the corks and adorn the American bison lacing that holds the birds to their nests. An extra lacing on the left side allows the flute to rest securely and balanced on the arm when the left had has been slipped through it.  The flute measures 17 3/4" on both sides and the forked branch was gathered in Zion Canyon, near the park where the Zion Canyon Art and Flute Festival was held,
from a Cottonwood tree that had been cut down.   

price includes tax and shipping cost,
"How to Play and Care For Your Dryad Flute" booklet
and a nice fleece, drawstring flute bag.

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